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Rory Payne


Stan's Main Street
7210 Main St 75033 Frisco United States
Eager to share the dusty cotton field with the rest of civilized Texas, Rory Payne careened carelessly over I-20 to the Metroplex, stopping along the way for a college degree or two, Rory picked up the wordsmith trade along the way before running into the boisterous backbone and bass player of the band. James and Rory began playing together in 2006, and remain the two original members today.
With a hereditary sound bred pure from a mixture of vinyl on the turntable and cornmeal on the dance floor, Rory Payne and Texas Trainwreck span a range from crooning to crashing and strumming to shredding. Add Kristofferson and Keen, a little Jennings parts 1 and 2, a dash of Haggard and smooth buttery coating of Robbins and then wash it down with Cash. Then will you smell what Payne and Trainwreck are cooking up.
Rory’s vocal timbre is smooth on one side and 40-grit on the other as he leads the band playing rhythm guitar and harmonica (and occasional maracas). Long time bass player James Allen holds up the wall of sound with his trusty P-Bass of power. Newcomers John Mitchell and Ryan Lowe are two baby-faced hell raisers on lead guitar and drums respectively. Polishing it all off is veteran steel guitar player Newell Hardy who has played with some prominent names in the Texas scene.
Now gaining notoriety in the musical community Rory Payne is rearing his bebrimmed head and bringing his continuum of poignant anthems to sweet songs and even some comically angry ballads to an ear and heart near you.

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